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Deer Processing Instructions
  • Standard Deer Processing: $100

  • Local West Michigan Pickup & Delivery: +$50

  • Snack sticks: $10 per pound, 5 lb increments

  • Shoulder mounts: +$25

  • Gutting: +$25

  • Additional fees for long distance travel. We consult you before pickup.

  • Drop-off your own deer: Free

  • All fees must be paid in cash before processing, no exceptions! By submitting this form, you agree to these terms.

Will DeerDash pickup & dropoff your deer? We will call/text to work out the best time.
STEAKS. What are we going to do with your steaks?
ROASTS. What are we going to do with your roasts?
BACKSTRAPS. Arguably the best cut on the deer!
GUTTING. We are happy to gut your deer if you need help.
SHOULDER MOUNTS. We can preserve the cape and head for a shoulder mount.
SNACK STICKS. The best venison concoction ever invented.

Thanks for your order!

We will contact you shortly...

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